Department of Stree Roga Tatha Prasuti Tantra


Dr Kajal Jha

Associate Professor & Head of Department

Ayurveda campus has own history. From the beginning, when B.A.M.S. course was started we had eight department concept, one of them was department of Kaumarbhritya. In Kaumarbhritya, two departments were merged i.e., Bal-roga and Stree roga tatha Prasuti Tantra. As per time demands further fourteen department concept came in year 2068 B.S. and Stree roga tatha Prasuti Tantra department was separated. Stree roga tatha Prasuti Tantra is a branch of Ayurveda dealing with Stree roga (Gynecological disorders) tatha Prasuti (obstetrics). It is the branch that originates with the concept of maintenance of the physical and mental health of a woman throughout various stages of her life.


  • To have a healthy progeny from a healthy mother.
  • To maintain reproductive health, to strengthen genital organs thereby preventing from genital tract diseases.
  • To cure genital tract diseases with appropriate regimen.

Vision, Mission & Goals


  • To promote age old concepts of menstrual regimen, prenatal, natal and postnatal regimen and suvarnaprashan,
  • To promote Ayurvedic concepts of subija prajanana by practicing garbhsanskara.


  • To excel in the delivery of specialized ayurveda medical care education.
  • Preconceptional counselling through our “SUBIJA” Regime.


  • To promote Garbhini Paricharya (Antenatal care through Ayurveda) through quality teaching and clinical training.
  • Explore Ayurveda treatment modalities for various Gynecological disorders.
  • To validate pharmacotherapy of drugs & formulations related to Prasuti Tantra & Striroga
  • To implement Standard Operative Procedures (SOP) for various therapeutic procedures related to Prasuti Tantra & Striroga

Departmental Plans:

  • To establish departmental library.
  • To conduct CME on regular basis.
  • To conduct awareness programs in community on regular basis.


  • Conducting U.G. programs and P.G. programs & Strategies
  • Departmental Job Responsibilities
  • To educate the importance of pre-conceptional care in order to obtain a healthy child devoid of various genetic congenital and neurogenic disorders.
  • To provide practical exposure to each and every students in all types of sthanika chikitsa
  • Create awareness about the various screening methods in women

Orientation Activities:

  • Conducts orientation for U.G. students
  • Conducts orientation program for P.G. scholars.
  • Conducts orientation program for intern doctors before starting internship.

Departmental Mechanism to combine Teaching and Research

  • Using audio video tools for learning
  • Data analysis of OPD patients’ diseases wise
  • Contribution in Institutional Growth & Development

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