Assistant Professor

Department of Sanskrita Samhita Sidhanta

Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Sah

Degree: M.D (Ayu), B.A.M.S.
Experience: 5 Years
My Courses: Ayurveda Samhita and Siddhanta

Education profile

1.Doctor of medicine(M.D.) -Ayurveda in Basic principles- 2012-2015

   institute/University : IGPT & R.A. Gujarat Ayurveda University, jamnagar. Gujarat, India 

   Dissertion of work : " study on concept of nindra (sleep) and divaswapna (daytime sleep ) with applied aspect of snighdham prasvapnam Div."

2. Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and surgery (bams)-2005-2010

    institute/university : autonomous Government Ayurvedic college and Hospital,Jiwaji University, Gwalior,M.P.

Working Experience

  1. As Teacher Ayurveda Campu s and Teaching Hospital,IOM,TU (2073-01-05 to 2075-01-04)
  2. National Ayurveda and Research and Training center,moph,gon (2073-07-01 to 2074-01-08)
  3.  National Ayurveda and Research and Training center,moph,gon  (2074-01-19 to 2075-03-21)
  4.   As Teacher Ayurveda Campu s and Teaching Hospital,IOM,TU(2077-10-25 to continued )



A.As author

  1. Measure to induce Good sleep
  2. Sthaulya Roga par Nidana Ka Vichar
  3. A literacy review on sleep for healthy life
  4. A comparative study for the Assessment of Escalation of pitta Dosha Due To Excessive Day Time Napping Through Glossmeter
  5. Propagative and promulgation  of Ayurveda Tourism in Nepal
  6. Cosmetric in Ayurveda

B. as Co-Author

  1. Nutritive Evaluation of Khajurapaka Modaka.
  2. Pharmacological and physico-chemical evaluation of khajurapaka: An ayurvedic herb Formulation.
  3. Tantrayukti : a Review on guideline for understanding of classic
  4. Role of pratyaksha for the Assessment of prakriti ,sara and samhanana.
  5. Application of tantrayukti for the better understanding of Ayurveda classic –A literacy Review
  6. Influence of parents lifestyle in children Behaviour –An Ayurveda perspective
  7. Elucidation of  nirdesha chatushka (quadratic of suggestion/induction) of charraka Samhita through  tanerayukti
  8. Conceptual ans applied aspect of agnikaema in the purview of cauterization


Subjects Days Time
charaka samhita thursday 2pm to 3pm
charaka samhita monday 11am to 12pm
padartha vigyan evam ayurveda ko itihas friday 10pm to 11am
padartha vigyan evam ayurveda ko itihas tuesday 3pm to 4pm
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