Associate Professor

Department of Swasthavritta

Dr. Pramod Bhatta

Degree: PhD
Experience: 23 years
My Courses: Swasthtya Vritta

About assoc. prof. Dr. Pramod  Bhatta 

 Head of the Department Swasthavritta, Ayurveda Campus and Teaching Hospital.  Completed  graduation from India, post-graduation from Philippines and PhD from India.  Work experience is more than 23 years as a clinician, teacher, trainer and a researcher. My major interest of work is in prevention and care of chronic diseases. Several scientific and general articles are published in various national and international journals. Apart from it he has  presented different scientific papers and participated in national and international Conferences.  


Subjects Days Time
Swastha vritta -i tuesday 12pm to 1 pm
Swastha vritta -i monday 10am to 11am
Swastha vritta -i monday 2pm to 3pm
Swastha vritta -i friday 3pm to 4pm
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